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Toothless and Nebula. #cats #kittens #blackcats #meowmeowmeow

Toothless and Nebula. #cats #kittens #blackcats #meowmeowmeow

Happy 1st of September!

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Times Tumblr Raised Serious Questions About “Harry Potter”

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have i told you guys about the Flint rock before?

its this rectangle rock thing thats by the highway and almost every night for 50 years its been painted over and painted over, usually with memorials for loved ones





and even though is illegal no one ever stops them and every few years people get together to peel the paint off to start fresh and look at all the paint that comes off



and nobody knows who started the tradition or what the rock even is for

i just think its really cool

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that gif is so usefUL 

there are lots of…things happening in florida lately

Y’all done fucked around and rolled a 3 in Jumanji

I lived in Africa and we had less of a problem with Mosquitos than America. Y’all crazies got HUGE Mosquitos, and tons of em. Sure, more of them have malaria, but if American Mosquitos got malaria, we would be screwed.

Gwailo mozzies are huge. You’re on your own, fellows.

US history time:

At one point, our mosquitos DID have malaria.  It was one of the reasons the European colonizers didn’t do very well initially - they expected 3-6 months of “seasoning” (seeing if you would recover from Malaria) before work could really happen.  This was also the reason they were big on trying to get slave labor from Africa where more people had slightly better resistance (or had recovered sufficiently to be able to work).

Now, fast forward to the current time: Florida ONCE had one of the world’s best programs for limiting mosquito populations, primarily TO prevent disease spread.  Researchers from other countries would come to Florida to specifically learn more about controlling populations.

A few years back, when local elections started going for the Tea Party types, what you had happen out of that was cutting funding for these necessary programs (along with, stuff like shutting down the only Tubercolosis hospital, right as a TB outbreak of a few hundred people cropped up…).

So, superbugs about to fuck y’all over?  THANK THE TEAPARTY.  Austerity measures are the key way to push back generations of work and leave future generations in danger of terrible health threats.

Go America/fuckyeah/etc.

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THE ANIMATRIX featured some of the greatest displays of animation by some of Japan, Korea and America’s best. The shorts that stood out to me in particular where World Record, A Kid’s Story and Beyond. Above are the storyboards for Beyond, done by another idol of mine,the one and only, director Koji Morimoto!

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Honeycomb Keyholder

This elegant wall decoration doubles as a keyholder. Shaped like a honeycomb, the keyholder is utilized by inserting a hexagonal keychain into one of the holes. Found on Behance.

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